Welcome to Speak it Forward!

Speak it Forward, Inc., is dedicated to transforming the lives of youth and adults by using spoken-word poetry as a vehicle to raise awareness, challenge stereotypes, break down barriers and instill a sense of empowerment and community.


SiF believes that it is our vulnerability that makes us strong, not just as people, but also as speakers. Learning to take “what we know” and turning it into a deeper awareness of our world through writing is what makes Kirk and Gabriel’s poetry universal and tangible to audiences and this is why they co-founded the non-profit arm of their work, Speak It Forward Inc.

Through fun, funny and emotionally poignant activities and dialogue, we are able to tap into the potential of a writer (student, professional, you name it) and unleash that potential through the art of spoken word. The educational process takes people on a journey from self-exploration to one of personal transformation through the use of poetry mechanics, word play and raw honesty. Then we share (through performances) our “scars”, as they exist in our lives and in our writings, with each other. It is this powerful sharing that makes us better writers, better people and more connected with the world around us.


See The Vision

Speak it Forward exposes individuals to the literary word by providing educational opportunities to help youth and adults express their voice through the written and oral word


Hear the Stories

Learn about the ways SIF empowers youth and our community to find ways to express themselves and find positive outlets by discovering their inner voices


Join the Movement

Speak it Forward is more than an idea. It is a community: a community of people like you who choose to value the unheard voices of our world.


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